Get Away

A few weeks ago I posted about the Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree California. Since then I’ve found a couple more offbeat places to stay. Similar in fashion to Hicksville this hotel lets you sleep in campers, Huettenpalast in Berlin converted a former vacuum cleaner factory floor and installed old converted caravans or wooden huts that you can rent out individually or all together for a group. If you prefer you can still book one of their regular rooms that feature factory style architecture.

Next up is Treehotel, located in northern Sweden. Get away from everything but still have modern comfort while being surrounded by nature. The hotel is located about 100 kilometers from the airport in a village of 600 people. All the rooms are suspended 4 to 6 meters and overlook the Lule River. Their rooms are modern, and built and maintained using sustainable practices, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Heading even further north in Finland, 250 miles into the Arctic Circle you can stay at Hotel Kakslauttanen. In the winter you can stay in a traditional snow igloo, or one of their modern glass igloos, but if you prefer you can still rent one of their cabins. As far north as you are you can hope to catch some of the Aurora Borealis between August and April. They offer year round activities so it doesn’t need to be cold for you to go, but if you want to get married in the snow chapel or belly up to the ice bar you better go in the winter.

Okay, you’re stuck in the states but still want somewhere cool to spend the night? You can still sleep in a tree at the Out ‘n’ About Treesort located in Takilma, Oregon. They offer a more rustic experience than the Treehotel, but you can still spend the zip horseback riding or zip lining. Their website sucks so you’ll need to call them!


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