Hello Vino

I’m not sure when everyone I know went from margaritas to wine but I need to catch up. I have been trying to acquire the taste but I am still clueless about what wine goes with what foods. Still learning what is acceptable as a dinner party gift too (like Trader Joe’s 2-buck chuck is always welcome but when you “splurge” on Woodbridge, it gets thrown out). Thankfully, there’s an app for everything. Hello Vino is a helpful little app that gives insight into the world of wine. It helps you choose wine based on your meal, occasion, taste and region. Or if you already have wine, you can look that up and get suggestions on what to make for dinner to compliment it. You can look at reviews, share on Twitter and Facebook, and even learn how to pronounce each wine. I think that’s pretty cool because when you first start ordering wine in a restaurant, you can look real stupid trying to say Sauvignon. Now I can impress everyone as a new wine connoisseur and they’ll never know it’s all from my phone…unless they happen to see this post. Get the app here.    ~Dutch


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