Black Friday is Stupid

20121120-155111.jpgAre you really going to wake yourself up from a food coma, get dressed and drive to some big box store and wait in line with all the other zombies waiting to get a marginally good deal? Personally, I would never waste precious sleep on shopping for a cheap piece of electronics. Dealing with the hoards of sleep deprived humans is a secondary issue, “did you even think to wipe the gravy off your face before throwing on your sweatpants to go shopping?”

Now I’m not saying I won’t shop on Black Friday, I just won’t leave the comfort of my couch to do so. You can get plenty of awesome deals online without ever having to interact with actual humans. This does take a measure of patience that I realize most of you lack. But if you’re going out at midnight it’s not like you are going to come home and pop in your new Country Strong Blu-Ray in that door buster fifty-dollar BR player you waited an hour and fought off a twelve year old girl for. Nope, you’re going to bed! The Tryptophan has kicked in and you are going to pass out till mid afternoon.

Enough ranting, if you want to go out, by all means, go! But if you’re an intelligent human being, play it safe on the couch. No one wants to see your cranberry stained pajamas anyway. Here’s some awesome lists of all the best deals online and in-store from Check it out before you waste the gas! ~cwall


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