Energy Bites

We all know it’s important to have protein, especially when you workout. But some people aren’t into drinking the protein shakes. I prefer the vanilla Optimum Whey Protein and mix it with water. There are tons of different shakes you can make but I came across a recipe for these No Bake Energy Bites that can only be described as heavenly. Most of my recipes come from Pinterest and this is one that I have made almost weekly since I found it months ago. Every time I have made it for friends, everyone asks for a copy of the recipe so I have it saved on my phone to just mass-text out. You can substitute some of the ingredients (I rarely add the flaxseed) and add your own protein powder. Better start out with 2 batches because they will go FAST. You could stick with your usual protein bars when you need a snack but those have hundreds of calories and lots of artificial ingredients. Try these and you’ll never go back.    ~Dutch

3 thoughts on “Energy Bites

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