Sideways Stories

These days, I rarely read the same book twice. But in elementary school, there was one series I read on a regular basis – Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. Quite the blast from the past, right? The 3 book series is a collection of ridiculous stories about crazy kids at a very weird school that was built 30 stories high, with 1 class on each story. But the 19th story was left out, that floor has a non-existent teacher named Miss Zarves with non-existent students. One of my favorite chapters is about Todd, who unfairly always gets in trouble and gets sent home at noon on the kindergarten bus every day. His mission is to see what the class does after 12:00. It may sound goofy (because it is), but these are great books. If you aren’t interested yourself, you should get them for your kids or nieces and nephews. I guarantee they’ll enjoy it. Louis Sachar has other great books too. Holes, the Marvin Redpost series, and There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom – all loved by young adults. Maybe your kids have already asked for the latest Harry Potter or vampire book, but they’ll get over it. There’s enough real life drama without being obsessed with Team Edward or Team Jacob. Do your kids a favor and get them a classic.     ~Dutch


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