20121115-134801.jpgLast night R. A. Dickey won the Cy Young award, given to one pitcher in each division annually. The road to becoming one of the best pitchers in MLB has been a long one for Dickey. Originally drafted in 1996 after playing for the University of Tennessee, Dickey spent most of his early career bouncing between the minors and majors. After receiving limited success with conventional pitches Dickey embraced the Knuckleball, a wild pitch that most pitchers today steer clear of because of its lack of consistency. From 2005 to 2010 Dickey spent most of his pitching time perfecting his knuckle ball, and is the only pitcher currently in MLB using the pitch for the majority of his pitches. This has been the way of the Knuckleballer, few and far between, game analysts always calling for the last knuckleballer in the game right before an up and comer starts throwing it again.

That brings us back to the past couple seasons, and a movie based on the subject. The 2012 documentary titled “Knuckleball!” follows Dickey and fellow knuckleballer Tim Wakefield during the 2011 season along with past pitchers who also employed the wild pitch, and the players who the pitch has made look silly in an effort to hit it.

Dickey’s story is an all American one. I haven’t seen the film yet but the trailer is below, so check it out and buy the DVD or watch it on Netflix. Congrats to Dickey for snagging the Cy Young Award too! ~cwall

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