The Five Spot

I have always had this rule that if I like something out shopping and it’s under $5, I HAVE to buy it. I think I’m pretty frugal but my family would say cheap. On Monday, I mentioned Did you check it out yet? Let me tell you about it. This is an online marketplace where you can buy or sell services for just $5. Currently, there are around a million services available. Most are $5, but you can pay up to $150 for what they call “extra” services. So it depends on what you want. Ok, I better elaborate on the services. There are TONS of things you can order: a custom logo, website, diet plan, workout routine, custom guitar pick, resume, your photo turned into watercolor/sketch/Disney character, etc. Check out the Fun & Bizarre category and you can find people who will send crazy custom messages to anyone – like a cute get well video from their little bulldog to your sister with the flu, or a picture from Times Square with them in a costume of your choice holding a big poster with your message on it. It is fun to purchase but some people are making a killing from selling as well. The site was launched in 2010 and one woman has made over $10,000 selling speed-coloring logo videos with her pet bird. She averages 15 video sales a day. Not a bad gig! What would you do for $5?     ~Dutch


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