Suit up!

Your dad’s tie that you stole in high school isn’t cutting it anymore, and the one you got for being in your friend’s wedding looks like it should be a woman’s belt. If you wear a suit and tie on a regular basis you probably need to throw out all your old ties and get something fresh. No one wants to see the same thing over and over again. But where can you get awesome “suit-cessories” without breaking the bank at Brooks Brothers? Enter The Tie Bar – their ties are 15 bucks, that’s cheaper than Target! You can get regular width, skinny, extra-long and a variety of bow ties. They have every color and style you can think of in a large selection of different fabrics. They also sell pocket squares for 8 bucks, which is a great deal in comparison to your local men’s clothing store that actually still sells pocket squares at a 400 percent markup. While you are on their site pick up a tie clasp, I prefer the slide variety, but they have a bunch of different colors and sizes for your personal style. If you wanna get fancy with your french cuff shirt, you can pick up some cuff links or dial it down a notch with some silk knots.

If you’re getting married soon you can get a bunch of great matching stuff rather than renting a tie from the mall at that creepy tuxedo shop. Your future wife will thank me! The Tie Bar also sells socks, which is boring. If you need socks, go back to Target or Urban Outfitters. I’m currently waiting on a couple new ties and fresh pocket square. Did I mention they have flat rate shipping for 6 bucks!


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