It’s About Time

This morning I set three alarms so that I would wake up by 6:00. But the bed was so cozy, I just kept hitting the volume button on my phone and didn’t get up until 6:40. The good news is it gave me an idea for today’s post. Whoever came up with the Math Alarm Clock app was pretty genius. Rather than just hit snooze, you have to answer math problems for your alarm to go off. You can choose the level of difficulty and have it set to a song in your music library. My problem is I can’t get up until my brain gets going and this is the perfect way to fix that. I came across some other great apps too: All in 1 Clock is a standard alarm app but also displays the weather in your area AND you can use sounds to turn the screen on and off, like when your phone is plugged in across the room and you just have to clap to see what time it is. Don’t act like that’s not exciting! The Smart Alarm Clock somehow monitors and registers your sleep cycles and phases to wake you up at the best moment within the time frame you choose. I don’t know how in the world that works but it had good ratings and a lot of people love it. I have to investigate! So no more sleeping in. You already have that extra morning hour from daylight savings, take advantage of it…and brush up on your math skills in the meantime.     ~Dutch

For more alarm clock apps go here for Android or here for Iphones

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