Broken Glass

So you just chucked your beloved smart phone across the room. Hopefully, it was an accident. Hopefully, you didn’t purposely throw several hundred bucks to the concrete. Either way, now it looks like a horror movie. If you’re an Android user, you most likely just broke the front glass and maybe the LCD. If you’re an iPhone user, things could be worse – front glass that’s fused to the LCD plus back glass. What now? Unfortunately, most carriers and phone manufacturers don’t cover this kind of damage. Hopefully, you have insurance on your precious phone, but if you don’t, all hope is not lost.

There are some great resources online for fixing your own phone. My favorite site for manuals and tutorials is iFixit, they have full tear downs of a ton of devices including phones, laptops, game consoles and MP3 players. They also sell parts and tools so it can be a one stop solution for getting your device back to its previously less than shattered condition. Their tutorials have great detailed photos so you know exactly what you are getting into prior to breaking open your phone.

Before you turn a single screw, make sure you have a good backup of your device. There is nothing worse than getting halfway into a repair and realizing you screwed something up and just lost hundreds of texts, emails, photos, contacts, etc… You should have had a backup prior to dropping your phone in the toilet, but if you didn’t and your phone still powers up, plug it to your computer and back it up, move things on to your SD card, or back it up to iCloud.

Personally, I use iFixit just for the tutorials and the forum of users that have experienced similar issues to what I am repairing. If I need parts, I turn to Amazon or eBay. Both offer the same parts at much better prices, just make sure and check the reviews of the product and seller so you know you get quality items. And if you aren’t extremely comfortable with tearing open your electronics, leave it to the professionals, there is usually a local shop available that will still cost you less than the price of a new phone. ~cwall

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