Strong is the New Skinny

Having a personal trainer is great motivation. But who can afford one? At my gym, it’s $100 a session and I’ve seen those trainers on their phone the entire time you’re paying them. Needing to switch up my workout routine, I went online to see what I could find. I was skeptical about an online trainer for lots of reasons: they can’t see you, don’t know you, and they could be a 13 year old girl just getting a laugh. has certified trainers that give you personalized routines starting out at 2 weeks/6 sessions for $60 – not bad! That’s still a little steep for me to start out with so I looked for an even better deal and found this guy at (if you haven’t heard of this site, it’s pretty awesome but we’ll talk about that some other time). After a couple of days going back and forth explaining my schedule, eating habits, and my current gym routine, I got a tailored-to-me diet and workout schedule. It’s so I only paid $5 and this guy nailed it! It’s easy to stick with and pushes me just enough without wearing me out. He’s available to answer any questions and we can change up my plan any time. Now if you do go with an online trainer, make sure to check their ratings and feedback. I suppose mine could still be a 13 year old girl, but if so, she sure knows her stuff!     ~Dutch

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