Get Your Learn On!

Mondays here at the Juice are rough! So we try to bring you some kind of motivation at the beginning of your dreaded work week. Dutch is usually on it when it comes to keep you eating right and avoiding that after work beverage until after you’ve hit the gym. This week I want to drop some knowledge on you! Or at least give you a plethora of options of how you can make yourself smarter without leaving your couch.

You don’t have to drop a dime on education these days, just as long as you don’t mind not having that fancy sheet of paper hanging on the wall. More and more institutions of higher learning are offering some or all of their courses online free of charge using a variety of online services. OpenCourseWare was started over a decade ago when the internet was still making strange noises to get you connected, and now MIT (yeah that MIT) has started a Consortium with other top schools to bring free courses to the masses of the inter-webs. Most courses offer audio and/or video lectures and course materials are usually available online depending on how serious you want to get.

iTunes U is another great resource for some free stuff, you can access it from iTunes and even download the app to your mobile device for on the go learning. I guess I have to mention Wikipedia in this post, I do use it daily, but the fact that just about anyone can change the content means it isn’t always the most reliable source for information. Another great option is Coursera, they offer a wide range of free courses, and allow you to take quizzes and write the papers so you actually can grade yourself on whether or not you are actually learning something.

If you only have five minute or less (what are you doing reading this?), you need to check out some videos on YouTube. Some of my favorite channels to remind me how intellectually challenged I actually am are Vsauce, Minute Physics and AsapSCIENCE. Their videos are short, funny, to the point and mind numbing. So get your learn on already! ~cwall


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