The Mind of a Chef

One of my favorite chefs, author, TV host and narrator Anthony Bourdain is producing a new traveling food/chef show on PBS. “The Mind of a Chef” premiers tonight, it features renowned chef David Chang, who’s cooking and restaurants are famous in their own right. The show is going to combine travel, cooking, history, science and humor. One clip I found (check it after the break) features one of my favorite comedians Aziz Ansari riffing on being mistaken for another Indian comedian while enjoying a fried bologna sandwich in Canada. Don’t tell me PBS can’t make good TV! I know, it’s Friday, you’d rather be out at an actual restaurant then watching a chef eat on PBS, so set your DVR’s, this one looks like it’s worth a watch.

Tonight I’ll be going out for dinner and drinks with some friends and I’m going to live blog/tweet the night. Tune in on Twitter. Please! In case you forgot here is a link to our twitter page this should be fun. ~cwall


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