Heritage Music

Throwback to 2009 – I was walking down by the harbor in Destin, FL and we stopped to hear a band playing in the amphitheatre. I had been in Destin 2 years and hadn’t been to any live shows. All I knew was these guys were attractive, and they had bongos and a ukelele. The band was Heritage, a local reggae band that sings about positive vibes. I definitely left that night in a better mood and the song Smile was stuck in my head for days. Now that I have been to at least 20 of their shows, I can say they just keep getting better. Whether you like to dance or not, you’ll have a hard time standing still when they play my favorite song Natural High. It’s been 3 years and they just finished recording their second album “Out Here”. I know at least everyone in the Panhandle area is dying for it to be released in 3 weeks. You can reserve your copy here. Look for the songs Chessboard and Financial Genocide, they are a far stretch from Smile but I love every second of them. Check out their tour dates and see if they’re coming near you. Even if they aren’t, it’s worth a roadtrip. They play in Destin often and everyone loves a beach vacation. And these guys love their fans.     ~Dutch

Listen to Heritage here


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