Last week while my trusty sidekick was slaving away at the keyboard, I was visiting Atlantis in the Bahamas. Hurricane Sandy did put a wrench in some of our plans, and it was pretty chilly to do a water park, but I would still recommend a visit. Now I wouldn’t say it is just as magical as the commercials portray, but it’s up there. The aquarium was amazing with ridiculously huge stingrays and lots of sharks. The water slides were insane with more scary steep rides than any park I have been to before. Everyone else loved that. And did I mention that some of the slides go through the shark tank? Living by the ocean, swimming with sharks isn’t something I like to do. But floating next to them with glass in between us was pretty incredible. The staff at guest services were awesome. They helped us get a great deal by going to the hotel next door and purchasing a room that comes with 4 water park tickets. But the staff in the water park were pretty much no help when my sister lost her credit card and ID. Someone tried to turn it in and the staff said they didn’t want to be responsible holding onto them. As far as other things to do in the Bahamas, always take the locals up for boat tours. If you have a group, that works out best. We got to take an hour boat ride through a canal by “Millionaire Row”, snorkel, and play on a pirate ship for $20 a person. Not bad! Now I just have to go to Atlantis in Dubai so I can see how it measures up.     ~Dutch

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