October Leaves

Continuing on Dutch’s love of Instagram.

My social media drug of choice is also Instagram. It skips all the boring negativity of Facebook and cuts straight to the sweet meat of it with a never ending series of awkward photos of your friends and celebrities you stalk. Cats, bad outfit choices, shameless profile pictures, sunsets, food. Did I mention cats? There is a great tumblr site called Rich Cats of Instagram or #RCOI. Who doesn’t want to see a cat with a bunch of cash and a handgun, or a cat wearing jewelry worth more than my house? RCOI is a spin off of Rich Kids of Instagram or #RKOI, here you’ll find a feed of kids eating Cap’n Crunch on their private jet or playing in their backyard Olympic size swimming pool.

Yesterday Instagram announced that they are going to make a larger web presence by giving its users an online profile rather than the mobile only profile that they started out with 2 years ago. In the past few months they have been prepping users with new features – liking photos, allowing comments, Facebook integration, etc… So what do you get with your fancy new online profile? Imagine a Facebook profile for all your boring filtered photos, allowing you to more easily view and share them outside of your smart phone. They are pushing out all the profiles over the next couple weeks so yours probably isn’t ready yet, but you can get a look at an example profile here for Nike. If your photos are set to be public anyone can access them, if you’re a private user only the people you’ve allowed to follow you can see your photos.

So clean up your photo stream so it’s not embarrassing when you go live to the whole world, no one really wants to see that #TBT picture of you in a highchair covered in baby food. ~cwall

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