30 Day Detox

What’s the worst part about vacation? Coming home and realizing all that fun turned into 5 extra pounds. What’s the best way to get a clean slate? Detox! I was never interested in doing a detox before because I thought they were all cayenne pepper/lemon juice or green smoothies. And I need to EAT. But my sister-in-law told me about the 30 Day Detox which was just what I needed. It’s simple and you can eat as much as you want. To clean your body of toxins, this is what you do: Drink lots of water, of course. Eat natural meats (not processed like deli meat), tons of fruits and veggies, nuts (all except peanuts) and seeds. Avoid: sugar and soda. Use in moderation: dairy, grains, coffee & alcohol. You’ll have the best results if you avoid those altogether though. It’s only 30 days! I have to say, I have never felt better after doing this diet. I had energy, no upset stomach, and felt like I was really taking care of myself. This detox originally came from thefitnessspotlight.com. This has since broke up into two new sites: theiflife and realfooduniversity. These guys have great tips and advice for eating clean. Now give your body a break! It’s only 30 days to a healthier you.      ~Dutch


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