Time to Shave

It’s almost November, you know what that means. Time to shave off that scruff and get ready to show your spirit for men’s health and grow out that upper lip caterpillar that you call a mustache. The ladies had all of October and now it’s the guys turn! Before you reach for that rusty disposable face slashing plastic piece of crap in your bathroom drawer consider getting a real shave. Be a man and find a respectable barbershop. No not the one your dad made you go to growing up with the old guy constantly sweeping up the remains of those before you. If you’re in L.A. you might consider checking out Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, check the video after the break, they’ve been making high quality men’s products for years. If you’re not in California you can still pick up some of their goods online here.

TOMS shoes is even getting in on the sweet mustache action this fall. Check out their video ‘United We Grow’.

Whether or not I get involved in the facial hair business is a hot topic of debate around here at DisasterJuice, but I’ll be sure to keep you informed of all my facial hair quandaries. Until next time. ~cwall

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