Tech Tuesday – Hurricane Sandy Edition

Power outages, explosions, fires, flooding and heavy winds! Not to mention a bunch of websites that I visit are offline. Thankfully other than wind, rain, and cold weather I haven’t really been effected by the hurricane that bashed into the north Atlantic coast yesterday. But it makes me think about what I would want to do in advance. Disaster preparedness is a big deal these days and most people aren’t prepared (some are over prepared). Personally I do have a “go bag” ready with some survival items, but when it comes to communicating with the outside world what are you to do when you run out of juice?

Hopefully I can find a place with power to charge up all my devices, but if not I do have access to a generator for temporary power if evacuation isn’t immediately necessary. On the go I rely on my cars to charge up my gadgets and I do have converters for that sort of thing. Hopefully those items and hoarding batteries will keep my beloved gadgets running. However, I might consider buying a Bolt Battery Pack though from Solio, at 70 bucks it’s worth the piece of mind knowing that all I need is some sunshine to get back online.

Now that I’ve got the juice to run my gadgets I can only hope that either my home WiFi or cell towers are still working to at least the point of getting connected to the outside world. Another option that I found yesterday though is a pre-paid wireless hotspot. Amazon sells one here for 30 bucks, you just charge it up before the power goes out and activate it, what’s cool to is that you can even help out your neighbor in need as it supports up to 5 active devices connected to it. Since Starbucks is probably going to close in the event of a disaster (like they did yesterday in NYC) you probably can’t count on your normal local free hotspots.

Okay, okay, what about old school methods? Your powers out, your cell service is dead, your cable TV is out. How do you get the news? You should know this already but you need a radio that is battery operated, and don’t buy a piece of junk! Get a good one! This is life we are talking about, at the very least get one that pulls in a dedicated weather band. Here’s a site you can check out and make your own choice based on the needs of the area you live in, there’s a ton of options out there, but get something that will withstand whatever natural disaster you are most likely in the way of.

Stay safe out there, and be prepared! ~cwall


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