Holding Down the Fort – How I Work

While Dutch is off enjoying the Bahamas I’ll be stuck in Tennessee with a hurricane threatening to bring some snow into the area with possible power outages, heavy winds and record low temperatures. That being said let’s get on with something better than the pending doom surrounding me.

My Monday’s are hard enough as it is and sometimes technology is the last place I want to start my day at. That’s why on Fridays I spend some time writing an old school written list of things I need to do come Monday morning while I’m enjoying my morning caffeine intake. I try to steer clear of any new incoming emails (minus any emergencies) and focus on the list I made of important stuff. I personally like this method better because it gets it off my mind Friday so I can enjoy the weekend without worrying about all the stuff I still need to do. Writing ideas down on paper forces me to slow down and think about what is actually important and get the ideas clear in my head and transferred to pen and ink for later. I personally have a stack of legal pads laying around my office, I used to use a Mole Skin notebook but I always lost them, plus I just like the idea of throwing away a completed list.

I still use my phone for personal lists, groceries, car repairs, personal notes, etc… but I like traditional methods for work. It’s probably because I enjoy the feeling of scratching a mark through a completed task rather than just deleting it to the trash bin. Through the week I update my lists and make changes, adding new items and updating others. In a world of non-stop incoming email having my pen and paper grounds me to do the important stuff first rather than respond to every incoming request at a moments notice.

Anyways, give it try! You may or may not prefer my method but it works for me. I prefer either a mechanical pencil or a sharpie, I’m a man of extremes. Time to head to the store for milk and bread! ~cwall


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