‘Tis the Season, Right?

People look forward to the holidays for different reasons: gifts, vacation,  family reunions. I like not being at the office. But I always thought it was weird to hear people say, “My favorite part of the holidays is eggnog.” Really? It’s so…milky. And thick. I’m sure I drank it out of the carton when I was a chubby 10 year old. But eventually, I couldn’t stomach it. This brings me to a time I like to call “The day I had spiked eggnog.” Enter: Evan Williams Eggnog. Maybe the thought of dairy and Bourbon turns your stomach. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s so much better than regular eggnog that you spike yourself. A bottle only costs around $10, WITH alcohol inside. Serve it chilled and add a little cinnamon if you want. If you miss that thick consistency (what’s wrong with you?!), add ice. It makes a great gift, or just have it yourself. Get those warm fuzzies you need to smile through clenched teeth when your in-laws show up. Pick up this seasonal treat at your neighborhood liquor store.      ~Dutch


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