Hicksville Trailer Palace

After reading Dutch’s post about Hot Springs I had to go ahead and post this. I stumbled across this “resort” yesterday while I was wasting time at work. Now I just need to plan a trip and book out the whole “park”. Hicksville Trailer Palace is located just a couple hours outside of Los Angeles, CA near Joshua Tree and consists of 8 onsite Trailers, each with its own theme. At the park there is also a heated salt water pool, with an extra classy astroturf courtyard. Did I mention it has a BB gun range! Of course it has a bar so you can get boozed up in the middle of nowhere, you can hike directly from the resort. There are a couple offsite shacks that you can rent too, again each with a theme. The whole resort is eco-friendly if you care, it all runs on solar power. The rates at the Trailer Palace are really reasonable, but you can’t get directions to the place until you’ve booked your stay, so make sure and look em up before you drive out into the desert looking for an astroturf oasis.


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