iPad mini

Drink the Kool-Aid already! The iPad mini was announced today. I own an iPad 2 (my partner in crime has a couple Android tablets) and even though the new iPad mini looks great, personally I don’t see a need for it right now.

That being said the device itself is beautiful. Apple design always exceeds expectation. Design is one aspect that I think Android manufacturers need to step it up a bit, they seem to more focused on flooding the market with new devices rather than maintaining brand quality like Apple does by releasing a single device annually. Coming from a background in electronic repair this is extremely important because finding parts is so much simpler when there aren’t 100 variations of a device.

Back to the iPad mini. According to Jony Ive in the video below the iPad mini is a complete new design (on the outside at least) and it looks as if Apple has taken some of the cues from the iPhone 5. The aluminum housing and diamond beveled edges are very familiar to my iPhone 5. The resolution is the same as the iPad 3 which is nice because it means you aren’t losing any real estate pixel-wise. Apple seems to think that we want to use everything with one hand these days, so they reduced the width of the new iPad mini, but still managed to cram a 7.9 inch screen into it. They went with the A5 processor instead of the A6 which I assume is probably to increase battery life, which they are saying is up to 10 hours in the smallest single cell battery Apple has produced. Unlike other tablets made of plastic, the iPad mini’s aluminum and glass body still weighs in less than it’s Droid counterparts at 0.68 pounds and 7.2 millimeters thick.

Like always the new mini comes in a few different flavors, black or white, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and either the Wi-Fi only model or the LTE version. The front camera has been upgraded so you can use it with HD FaceTime which is nicer than the camera on the iPad 2, the rear camera is 5 megapixels (not sure why they didn’t go with 8 but who’s taking that many pictures with their iPad anyway, you look stupid!).

As for when you can get your hands on one and for how much… And this is adding to why I won’t own one anytime soon, the starting price is $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only version, and bump up a 100 bucks each time for the 32 and 64GB models. Want to add LTE to it and your crappy shared data plan? Expect another $130 for the privilege. You can pre-order starting this Friday, October 26th, and have it at your door a week later. Happy Shopping!

Wanna watch the video? Click Here

Wanna watch the whole keynote? Click Here

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