Motivate Me Monday

“Does somebody have a case of the Mondays?” The last thing you want to think about after letting loose all weekend is getting back to your workout routine. If you’re like me, you count down the minutes till you get off work and can get back into bed. But maybe that’s not the best idea after all that pizza and beer you had watching Sunday football. So here are some better options. Convince yourself to do 20 minutes of cardio. Having a small goal is easier to attain than considering a full workout when you aren’t in the mood. I prefer to do this at the gym because every time I go to “only do 20 minutes”, I end up staying an hour and feeling great. If you only have 10 minutes to spare in your entire day (eye roll) I love 10 Minute Solutions. Maybe the videos aren’t very 2012 but the workouts are awesome. You can customize each routine and as soon as you start getting tired, that 10 minutes is up! My favorite is the Pilates video. Don’t have 10 minutes? Everyone has 4 free minutes. Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training where you do 20 seconds max effort with 10 seconds of rest and repeat for 4 minutes (ie: run at top speed 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds walk, repeat). Learn more about it here. So just because you aren’t in the mood for an hour workout, remember these options. You’ll be glad you didn’t give into excuses and walk away with more energy.    ~Dutch


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